iPhone 5C Review

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 The iPhone 5C marks a new era in Apple's mobile onslaught, as the Cupertino-based firm finally breaks rank from premium design and price by offering up a device which is slightly moreaffordable. Slightly being the key world there.

Before you start getting exited about the potential of a "cheap iPhone",be warned that the iPhone 5c is no midrange Android rival, because with prices starting a $549 (Rs.33500) for
the a 16GB SIM-free handset you're still talking wuite a lot of money.


If you fancy doubling your storage capacity to 32GB remember the 5C is an apple device so there's no microSD slot in sight youcan add another $100 (Rs.6120) that base price

So let's bust one myth right from the off then although one that Apple never promised in the first place The iPhone 5C is not a cheap, budget device its a slightly cheaper offering compared to the premium, metal clad iPhone 5S which launched alongside this polycarbonate clad phone

Thanks to some price cuts in the past few months the like of the Samsung Galaxy S4,HTC One,Nokia Lumia 925 and Sony Experia Z are all cheaper than the less feature packed iPhone 5C.

One way Apple has managed to keep the cost of the 5C down slightly is ditching the glass and aluminium body we've seen on every handset since the iPhone 4, and welcoming back the brazen use of polycarbonate we last saw on the iPhone 3GS

Now the plastic versus metal metal debate is one which has been raging for a few year, with Apple fans blasting the top Samsung products such as the Galaxy S4 for looking and feeling cheap but is it time for those people to eat their hats?

Pick up the iPhone 5C and there's no mistaking that this handset isn't clad in the premium materials which have adorned the more recent models, but that'snot necessarly bad thing.

The poly carbonate exterior comes in a range of colorful option- green,yellow,pink,blue and white-and anyone who owned an iPod will be well versed in the these hues...

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